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If your business does not turn up on Page one on Google search results, your business needs search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to get in search results – and to stay on top. We at Digital Shout use data analysis, optimization, and ad campaigns to help you improve your ranking and get found by potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

SEO is about directing traffic to your website and guiding the customer journey

Search engine optimization is in part optimizing the design of your website to capitalize on organic traffic from search engines. An initially well-designed website is important yet just the start.

Effective SEO requires knowing how the constantly changing search engine algorithms and registration work. Our SEO management is Digital Marketing Analysis & Strategy, so businesses attract new clients, talent, and improve their customer’s experience.

Set goals and track ROI with Google Analytics

SEO is an ongoing effort to enhance your website, adapt to changing search algorithms, and to make sure your content is finding precisely the right audience. Through a kickoff questionnaire, we get to understand your business goals, audience, and buyer personas, so we are able to understand the way to make SEO and SEM work for you. We also prefer to start with an in-depth competitor analysis, to understand the correct vision of the marketplace.
Every business has its own needs, which is why we use data from Google Analytics and research to produce a customized monthly SEO strategy that enables you to set goals and track ROI. We’ll meet with you frequently to answer questions, provide advice, and track goals and performance. The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, but by regularly analyzing data and adapting efforts we are able to help your business stay ahead of the competitors.

Content tailored for your target audience

We use key-word analysis to suggest subjects for new content material that will help engage your website users and improve your ranking and help optimize current web content.

If you are looking for new content or audit for your current content on the website, our content writers can create help you with social media copy, new articles, internet site copy, and more.

Targeted SEM strategy for strong results

When your PPC marketing campaign is managed through professions, your internet site can upward jab to the pinnacle and stand out from the competition. Using Google Ads and Bing Ads, we will assist you to set up a Search Engine Marketing campaign, monitor performance, analyze the results, and Share month-to-month insights with recommendations.

Banner and video marketing permit you to target your audience by using location, demographic, and activity – all in your budget. You can furnish well-timed touchpoints to power clients to your internet site the use of the following:

  • Google Display Network marketing– Your brand, products, and offerings can be considered on over two million web sites and 650,000 apps the usage of Google Ad show
  • YouTube video advertising and marketing– Video ads convert viewers into fans, and then followers into new customers.  Through pre-roll advertisements or video advert campaigns, we help you with measurable success. You can target your advertisements to show up on precise YouTube videos, channels, or on all of YouTube.
  • Remarketing – This approach lets you display advertisements to visitors who in the past visited your website, and can lead them back to your website by reminding them of your product or service they had shown interest in the last visit.

And if you want expert help setting up and monitoring a paid advertising and marketing campaign for a search engine or Social Media, Digital Shout is here to help you!


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